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Skhanda Queen is no more welcome the NewAgeMaBrrr. A few days after it was announced that she left Cashtime Life she drops her own music for control and to reaffirm that she's got this. Read our article about The Many Goodbyes from Cashtime artists.
Peep Te Lyrics:
Gather round while I tell my story
I know ya'll been dying to know me
Share with you what the spotlight showed me
Bout homies that treat you like trophies
I'll Tell you why I'm mad
Tell you what I can't stand
Tell you why Blanco
Had to to put them in a body bag
Killed it show after show
And I went round for round
Yeah I stood toe to toe
Blow by blow knocked them out
Man I got mad ambition
Tom Cruise I'm on a mission
Supernatural ability maybe we should call this premonition
Roger that, I am in position
Bomb squad, call it demolition
I wiped out the competition
Secret weapon was my intuition
And now I run the game
But some people they changed
Yeah they do not act the same
Like they don't know my name
They saying "Skhandi you're out line"
They saying "Skhandi don lost her mind"
Like they ain't seen Skhandi on her grind
I say they mad Skhandi's on the rise
Am I lying?
Didn't we say this my time?
Now you play dumb when I'm tryna get mine
Got me on trial like I'm doing a crime
Shut the fuck up you ain't getting a dime
Yeah you ain't getting a cent
Me and my attitude onto the next
Fucking with me's something you will regret
All I can say to you now is God Bless