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The Many "Goodbyes" At Cashtime Life And Where Are They Now?

By now the public knows that Nomoozie has left Cashtime Life.Im saying that cause I was already informed last week lol. Anyway The HNIC of Cashtime released a statement saying the following.

Please note that Nomuzi Mabena is no longer part of Cashtime Life. We no longer shared the same vision with Ms Mabena and we thus elected to release her from Cashtime Life.We wish Nomuzi well in all her future endeavours; music or otherwise.


I then realised that in the short time Cashtime has been around as a group and then a brand they probably have had the the highest artist drop off rate. Lets go back in time and see where this started.


At this point we all still thought Cashtime was a group and we were getting to know these new artists by flow and not by name. At the time a lot of us were confused and not sure whether Molly was part of the group or he just so happened to make it on Cashtime's first single Number 1. On the Number One single we met Smashis,AbyFab and obviously the Teargas members. Without an announcement AbyFab disappeared from the Cashtime fold and started building a name on his own. Cashtime as a group was still in its infant stages one person disappearing never raised alarms.

Where He At Now:

I wouldn't say Cashtime did much for AbyFab cause he wasn't there for long enough to actually make a name.He has dropped a few solo singles and videos and is still building. Im sure Abyfab is learning that a he has a lot of work cut out for him without a team but if he blows he's the only member who can claim he didn't himself.


Yeah as you would guess the ABYs weren't having it so great at Cashtime Life. First it was Abyfab then ABCrazy followed.His departure from the group was felt cause he was the dude that made most of the hooks. At this time we knew the Cashtime members mainly Smashis and AbCrazy. AbCrazy never left the group silently and wherever he got a chance he told his side of the story. I remember him saying that he never wanted to be told how he should sound implying that they were trying to control his creativity.

Where He At Now:

Fortunately AbCrazy has a producing talent which has seen him carving a career at Kalawa. His like the Kalawa rap producer and you can easily find him collaborating with many artists but mostly from the Kalawa stable. Also for all the hip hoppers if you want to sample anything from Kalawa you better make sure Ab produces it for you or you sign with them. If not your request will be declined.If Aby owns his publishing he should be good and he doesn't really need to get on a mic.


Just when you thought you were safe cause you name doesn't starts with Ab, plus you the one artist within the camp that almost everyone banked on to be the next superstar but like the previous ABs you also disappear. The word was that Smashis wasn't working as hard or was not efficient so over time his role in Cashtime was also cancelled. Smashis is still the total superstar package but that doesn't count for anything if you don't use that to your advantage.

Where He At Now:

Smashis still has a lot of potential and love on these social media streets and needs a consistent rollout of work to blow. His success or demise is really dependent on him. The question is will he step up, will he work harder? After all his not getting any younger.


This was the last person we expected to leave the camp after all Ntukza is Ma-E's brother. Although Ntukza never made an official statement on why he left the Cashtime team he maintained that everything is still love with the camp. One can assume that we won't be seeing them together anytime soon as Ma-E rolls out his new album and there isn't a Ntukza feature.

Where He At Now:

I wouldn't say Ntukza disappeared but I feel he made a decision to step away from the game for a while. He's dropped a few singles which have been received well and he has been seen collaborating with Smashis and AbyFab. Ntukza still has a chance in the industry if he partners with the right people that will push his content on radio and television cause we see that he gets a lot of love online. With a few adjustments on the admin side of things Ntukza will fly, after all a lot of what you hear on radio is also influenced by what he did when he was with Teargas.


Well there's no telling where Nomoozie is going to end up but it seems she'll always have a career in the industry as a presenter. Word on the street is that she's the new Vuzu presenter, as a rapper she'll obviously need a new team to inspire the music and it seems she's in good hands with guys like SbuDaRoc.

#NewAgeMaBrrrrr ‼️🔥🇿🇦 Loading ‼️‼️ #Blanco 🕷

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Infact wait does this picture mean she's in studio already? could her album be called Blanco? Someone get SbuDaRoc on the phone.

In Closing:

It aint easy out there without a team but if you get it right the rewards are major I mean look at Mr Cashtime. Also the question I ask myself sometimes is whether artist owned labels work? I've been involved in that type of deal myself and I'm not sure if it worked or never worked. One thing I know as a leader of a label everything is done with good intention and its sad when it all falls apart. Im just glad that through it all I have no ill feelings for the artists or people I signed. Im always happy to see them succeed cause that means we all won whether it was through me or them doing it themselves.