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This week we've got a whole new chart in your popular stories and the biggest excitement last week was the reactions to Supa Mega's Caiphus Song music video premier on TV before it went live online. Other stories that caught fire are Chad Da Don's new heat with Youngsta, the What SA Hip Hop Said compilation (a first), Zingah's (formerly Smashis) open letter about his name change and the Forbes Five richest figures in hip hop.

1. Social Media Reacts To AKA's #CaiphusSongVid

2. Stream & Download: Chad Da Don ft Youngsta - F U

Download it here

3. Monday Feature: What SA Hip Hop Said - AKA x Anatii x Tweezy x Rouge x Goapele

4. Read: Zingah's Open Letter "In All Honesty

"We are familiar with the concept of losing things, but losing yourself is a whole ‘nother level! The thing about losing yourself is: You have no Idea how or when, and how or where exactly you find yourself again. Not only that, but even coming to the realization that you’ve lost such a thing of value takes time. The worst part is that in a world of technology giving us every single shortcut that exists in life, in all categories, there is absolutely NO shortcut for this journey..."

5. ICYMI: The Forbes Five Richest Hip Hop Artists

  1. Diddy ($820 million)
  2. Jay Z ($810 million)
  3. Dr. Dre ($740 million)
  4. Birdman ($110 million)
  5. Drake ($90 million)