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5 Most Visited Stories From Last Week On

Just like the top 5 downloads from last week the top 5 most visited stories from last week is a re-capp to the top pages that were visited by onlifers last week on the site. If you are already on holiday (lucky you) or were to busy to peep social media or go online to get the latest news in SA Hip Hop don't worry we got you.

Here are the top 5 most visited stories from last week on

1. Kid X Address His #SAHottestMCs "That List Is Absolute Trash" Tweet


Kid X did not mince his words regarding the hottest mc list that was dropped a few weeks ago. In the video he explains his true feelings and why he said what he said

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2. #DearUpAndComingRapper @CassperNyovest Has Some Advice For You


Cassper dropped some OG advice for the youngins in the game and how to do things to get to the top and making music.

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3. @L_Tido Joins Raps Elite That Have Fell Off Stage Whilst Performing Check The List #MaftownHeights


Ltido just joined some big name rappers who also fell of stage.

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4. KhuliChana Talks #SAHottestHipHopMCs @FifiCooperSan Criticism, @CassperNyovest Relationship Vs AKA Relationship


In this interview Khuli spoke about a lot of things regarding the state of the game right now in regards to the hottest MC list, Fifi Cooper and his relationship with Cassper versus AKA.

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5. @ReasonHD_ Gives His Thoughts On #SAHottestMcs List


Our last most visited story was Reason talking about how he feels being left out of this years SA Hottest MC List. Reason is a really chilled dude and his answers are a mad interesting. He seems not phased by all of this

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