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@L_Tido Joins Raps Elite That Have Fell Off Stage Whilst Performing Check The List #MaftownHeights

We all know who inspired this post and instead of making fun of the dude maybe its worthwhile the list he just joined in terms of rappers that fell off stage. Drake is in there , Kanye is in there. As much as we feel for LTido he just joined raps elite.

See The 5 famous rappers who have fallen off stage.

1. Drake Falls When performing Best I Ever Had With Lil Wayne

2.Kanye Falls performing in Norway

3. Busta Rhymes Gets Too Turnt x Falls Off Stage in 2014

4. Rick Ross Falls On Stage And Fails To Get Back Up

5. The Game falls off stage while performing at Springfest 2k7

So there you have it. The names above feature some pretty well known rappers who are now running the rap game. The crazy part is how they all fell earlier on in their careers. Crazy huh? Can you also imagine if this was a marketing stunt from LTido to promote his new record?