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Why @YoungstaCPT x @EJAY_CPT Have Something To Prove In SA Hip Hop

I’m writing this on a flight on my way from Cape Town to Durban. Something just triggered me to write about Cape Town hip hop music which at this point gets a small nod from most online media publications or sometimes is very reactionary or there is nothing cool to write about. I think my frame of mind at this point in time is great because I can write about this not being in Cape Town.

It’s crazy how the mind works, well for me it’s mostly about writing when I’m not really close to the place or people that influence the content. That is a very weird way to look at things you may say but the more you feel away from something is the more you see it for what it is. Cool now that I have set the scene for you and the headline tells you who we going to be discussing.

Youngsta x Ejay may be the only rappers that could make it to mainstream status. By mainstream I mean everyone will know who they are and what they are about. You may think this is a bold statement but you just have to look at the moves, the co-signs, the music and you will see thats these two dudes could be the next to break out of Cape Town.
alt Youngsta and E-Jay are cut from the same cloth. They both have something to prove in the game. I have always watched these guys going the extra mile in all that they do. With E-jay it comes naturally cause of his persona, with Youngsta it’s becoming more of who he is as he shackles the mold of being labeled a Cape Town rapper. Youngsta is a pure artist based on his lyrical ability. E-Jay is repping Gangster rap. Whatever it is both these cats are dudes to look out for. Youngsta is gifted as an MC, E-Jay is gifted as a performer. Both of them have something different to offer the game and from what I have seen I think a few milestones have been achieved by them.

Youngsta is slowly changing in front of our eyes. Steady and crew his team knows exactly what they doing cause they taking him out of his comfort zone.

Their place in SA Hip Hop?

To be honest with you this post was triggered by the Youngsta video where he addresses SA Hip Hop in a letter. I have never heard Youngsta this open about his opinions on the state of the game. Why did he do this? Why not just be in Jozi and make the necessary connections in a quiet way and let the records speak for themselves?

Don’t sleep on E-jay as well , I think the Tweezy co-sign and his story makes him a force to be reckoned.

So why is E-Jay coming as a new artist or reformed artist? I think he had to switch it up and his plan is currently working looking and the body of work that he’s putting out ain aint no joke.

My view from 30 000 ft in the air is that they have something to prove as cats who went to Joburg to compete against the industry's best MC's. Whether you like it or not that's moving out of your comfort zone for both these dudes.

Its going to be interesting to see where these two dudes end up in 2015. Will Youngsta breakout come 2016? Will E-jay bring Gangster Rap back? However you see it these two make the game interesting.