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Why SA Hip Hop Loves @PearlThusi #ThirstTrap

Before I begin giving you the reasons why SA Hip hop loves Pearl Thusi please be assured that this piece is meant at showing love x appreciating the talent that is Pearl Thusi minus the thirst.


We promise you that at the end of this piece you will see the reasons why SA Hip Hop loves Pearl Thusi. Cool? You ready? Dope lets go.

We dropped a 'Why SA Hip Hop loves Minnie Dhlamini' a few moons ago. Well the reason we decided to do this was that many rappers were calling out Minnie in their raps.


So I thought lets do some digging and find another lady who SA hip hop loves and also appreciates. The name Pearl Thusi immediately hit my radar and the more I thought about it the more i realized that Pearl is the Pearl of SA hip hop x shes that lady that every rapper has a good rapport with. And yes she can twerk af. (I know you were expecting the twerk reference to come in at some point so there you go)

Peep the 5 reasons why SA Hip Hop Loves Pearl Thusi

1. Pearl Is A Fan Of SA Hip Hop

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Ever wondered why many MC's are chilled when being interviewed by Pearl on Live Amp or any other TV gig Pearl has worked on? Ever asked yourself how she always seems to know the right questions to ask? Yes Pearl is a rappers best friend.

I think she just knows the artists and is also there to support them when they drop their projects.



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2. Pearl's Work Ethic Is Impressive


Pearl is on TV , radio and has a bunch of other endorsements. I speak for SA hip Hop here when I say that aint nothing finer than a lady who can hustle and do it on her own you know. Plus Pearl makes grabbing these endorsements like it aint no thang you know.


3.Pearl Is With You When You Shooting In The Gym

You know these days its dope when you find a ride or die lady. Pearl seems like the type of women who would spend nights in studio with you only to tell you that your record sucks at 4AM and you need to record it again. Yeah Pearl would be with you when you shooting in the gym noma kanjani. She is the type of women to tell you that good is not good enough and you need to go harder than how you went before.

4. Pearl Calls Is Opinionated

There is no need to write under this post. Cava the tweet below and you will get the type of person Pearl is.

5. Pearl Thusi Twerk Game Is Lit AF


Okay it would not be fair if we did not pay homage to Pearl Thusi's Twerk game. You probably do not want to not read anything at this point so you can appreciate the twerk game neh? SMH Y'all Thirsty AF LOL

You can watch her Twerk below mayne..

To conclude and to be serious for a second here. Dear Peal Thusi SA Hip Hop appreciates you and don't stop being you. We need more women like you.

SA Hip Hop Loves You Pearl Thusi