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Why SA Hip Hop Could Be The Biggest Youth Political Party

So when its almost time for political parties to start their campaigning to get a young audience they reach out to the young people who are cool. I then figured that Hip Hop could actually be the biggest youth political party right now simply cause of the mass reach it’s had but also cause there’s some sort of parallel between the events in both worlds. Here are a few things that hip hop and politics have in common lead by the following members of parliament.

With the Xenophobia attacks giving South Africans a bad name there was no better time than the one and only Super Mega to put on his cape and assure the rest of Africa that we are one and we don't believe in that. AKA’s collaborating with African artists is nothing new he already had a video with Ice Prince from Nigeria and on his album Levels he features Ghanaian Sarkodie on the track Sunshine and Nigerian Burna Boy on the certified hit and club banger All Eyes On Me. His many awards and achievements affirm that he is an official cadre who’s played a very influential part in the local movement. He has reached heights that have inspired many in South Africa and was probably the first leader of the new school. This makes him qualified to represent us on stages in Ghana,Nigeria and Tanzania to tell Africa that the youth of South Africa is one and then come back home to share his learnings. So the hip hop political party has foreing relations with other African youth and we can learn from each other to build a better Africa.
So its AKA for Minister of Foreign Affairs Yeah
Why SA Hip Hop Could Be The Biggest Youth Political Party

It's the first time this year we’ve seen so many hip hop acts being nominated at South Africa’s most prestigious music ceremony. The SAMAs this year were also hosted by rap veteran HHP and if that wasn't enough they also invited another veteran hip hop group -Skwatta Kamp- to present an award. Hip Hop took many awards that evening but there’s nothing as important as the award that's made received through the masses voting. The Record Of The Year was received by K.O. featuring Kid X for Caracara. In the history of the SAMAs a rap song or artist has never been seen winning that award,not to mention the rap category was snubbed last year by the SAMAs. This is another sign that just like your favourite political party hip hop is in the hearts of the masses.

Why SA Hip Hop Could Be The Biggest Youth Political Party

Cassper Nyovest:
Cassper Nyovest is like the Nelson Mandela of the game. When traditional media never supported him he found a way with digital and prospered sort of like Mandela and co. The apartheid system never wanted to give them freedom so they went through difficult avenues that saw them spend years in jail only to be prosperous in the end.A political party with no money is probably called COPE…just joking. Cassper Nyovest hasn't kept it a secret that his making money and unlike many of his peers his achievements are very numerical from the sales of the albums, the downloads, the shows and Lord knows what’s coming next. Therefore through Cassper Nyovest lets say we guaranteed that our political party has a healthy bank balance and probably an energy drink too.

Why SA Hip Hop Could Be The Biggest Youth Political Party

Riky Rick:
If Nelson Mandela was preparing Thabo Mbeki to be the next president then this might be the perfect comparison. We seen Cassper Nyovest and Riky Rick together many times but the one time that this relationship was cemented in our minds was on the Nafukwa video. Riky Rick has already released his physical album which is doing well but like the ANC when its time to rally support they do the door to door campaigns. Riky Rick is also doing a door to door campaign to support the sales of his new album Family Values the difference is that his doors are all the clubs dates his doing nationally. Yes thats a door to door campaign in music. Similar to politicians Riky aint rolling alone on this door to door campaign he has the protection or support of his fellow cadres Major League,Okmalumkoolkat and StiloMagolide. Therefore you already know our political party has a national road map to reach the masses.

You’ve probably heard or read about the Guptas and how they always giving the president or the ANC money. Well never worry this is standard practice for any major corporate. They always give money to politicians or political parties to be in their good books. The money is given to all parties based on their popularity not always cause the business supports the party. Its sort of like how brands are always paying artists to drink,wear or talk about them cause they want to be in the faces of the artists fans. The current cool is BoyznBucks and their lingo so when I saw a Legit store with mannequins that had tops written Cava the Combo and the vehicle company Mini using the word Umswenko. I knew the influence of the culture had a role in it. This is a clear example of business not only buying into the people but into a culture not cause they care for it but cause they can benefit from it. I can name many brands that are out there using words or people from the culture. Hell Im even one them.
Therefore we can definitely say we influence business through their marketing decisions sort of like business stays in politicians pockets to influence policy.

iFani Haymani:
All the above is great but at the end of the day when voting day comes who will show up at the polls. The hip hop fan has not only voted through the free download or attending a show but has also done it through the purchase of the music. There has never been a time in South African hip hop where there are more than three gold albums in 12 months K.O,Cassper Nyovest, iFani and word is that AKA is a corner away from Gold and Riky Rick could be next in the gold conversation. Having the album is like being a card carrying member of the party and it seems like the membership is growing with every dope album that's coming out.
Why SA Hip Hop Could Be The Biggest Youth Political Party

So when its time to vote where will you put your X……..Amandla