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Why @RikyRickWorld Winning A Loerie For #Exodus Is A Big Deal. A Story By @Skinnygenes_TV

"We always presenting music videos.When it comes to visuals its like taking people to another space. I did it this way because I want to explore the true meaning of visual arts" - Riky on Exodus Film

A Loerie award is an award any marketer x creative longs for. To put into a music space its like winning a SAMA. Squash that its like winning a MAMA. Basically its the biggest creative award in the African continent. So why is it a big deal that Riky won a Loerie for Exodus?

Riky is by far the most forward thinking and creative rapper that stands out in my opinion. I remember hitting up Slikour x telling him how Riky has changed, how he has stopped being the real Riky who is all about family values and is becoming more of an open minded and diverse artist. This is not a shot. It's more of a compliment because Riky knows how to naviagte in the game. He knows how to push the envelope in regards to creativity. So although I am yearning for the more introspective Riky I am happy that the creative Riky is pushing the envelope x putting us all on. And with the Loerie committee recognizing Riky we can all be happy. I know I am.

But to put things into more of a clearer picture the advertising industry is really looking at the influence that SA hip hop is having in urban culture. Trust me I know this but I don't want to reveal how I know this. Everyday SA Hip Hop is being discussed in the biggest boardrooms x I am proud to be there to hear all the good work we do being appreciated by the biggest brands in the country. I think corporates are looking at us because we are not looking for validation. We are able to Fill Up Domes x Go Gold x Drop merchandise x Create Films Like Exodus. And for the first time we are not looking for handouts. SA Hip Hop you are so beautiful. The Exodus win is a win for all of us. It's a win that says SA hip hop is being recognized by the biggest creative award show in Africa. Do you know how big that is? Do you know the hectic judging process that goes on behind the scenes to give out an award ?

If you are reading this I want to leave you with one thought. SA hip hop has influence. We have influence that people are trying to understand. The big brands want to know how we are able to get all the things we are doing so right. They are intrigued at how we are shaping our identity and not looking at the Western influence anymore. That's why Exodus is a great example. It's a South African story written by a South African hip hop star who is interested in pushing the envelope x pushing his message in long form content. It's easy to shoot a music video but do you know how hard it is to create a film x still get people to pay attention?

S/O to Loeries for giving us this award. It means a lot. And S/O to Riky for pushing the envelope x giving the culture something we can be proud of. This is a big deal.

Watch EXODUS below: