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Why @Iamdiddy Following @Okmalumkoolkat x @2FreshLes x @MrCashTime x @DJSPEEDSTA On Instagram Is News

When it comes to what is news you can argue that the internet has made many people lazy when curating stories. What I mean is that its easy to copy x paste x image on the net, string a few words and then call that a story.

So yesterday we posted this story about Diddy following Okmalumkoolkat x Da LES on the gram. Many people were replying with comments like "is that news", "why is that news". So because its our duty to teach, educateand curb the hate I decided to do some lazy writing and give you reasons why this is news.

Reason 1: The richest man in Hip Hop could have followed 7 other billion people in the world but he chose Ok x Da LES

Fact. Diddy is the richest man in Hip Hop. This is news because the richest man in hip hop is following two SA Hip Hop artists. Is that not news? I mean if Steve Jobs rest his soul or Bill Gates followed you on social media wouldnt that be worth some type of celebration. We are a hip hop site and when the richest Hip Hop mogul follows one of ours we celebrate with them. If you disagree you either dont care about Hip Hop generally which is ok or you just a hater which is also ok cause no one can change you.

Reason 2: South African Hip Hop is popping

Insert Dj Maphorisa Drake produced single x insert Nasty C Roc Nation meeting that is set to happen. Don't you see that the world is showing love to our local artists. Now lets consider how a person like Malum represents South Africa in the lingo he creates, the style he flaunts and everything. His really a Zuluboy thats made hip hop fit into who he is and not the other way round. Da L.E.S on the other hand is the host with the most and a Ciroc ambasssador so that should make perfect sense.

Reason 3: South African Hip Hop is not being broken by local media to the world. The internet is doing that.

This is a controversial one BUT the internet has made it easy for people to be found no matter where they are in the world. I don't think Diddy watches local TV or reads our newspapers but he might of being told about these artists and so he used the social media to find them and he probably liked what he saw on their instgram pages and followed. You tell me how many pages do you go through on Instagram and never follow? Diddy aint seen or followed my page neither did he follow yours so I guess there's something in him selecting Da LES and Malum?

So I hope this is news x you now see the significance of that follow. But in any case this is not suprising me. Something tells me that the Roc Nation phone call to Nasty C will open many doors for many people.

I think we need to stop hating and realise the significance of our culture and how it being acknowledged by the highest people in urban music's value chain. This is how they end up selling your product for ten times the price back to you cause when it was around you you were hating on it. Wake up
Please feel free to call me out in the comment section so I can change the title of this post.