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Who Got Next For 2016, 2017 And 2018? Who's The NEW New School? Peep Our List

We can all agree that 2013,2014 and 2015 have had artists like KO,Cassper,AKA, Riky Rick and iFani in the forefront, but every three years there's a new batch of artists that will spearhead the culture.

With the right moves and consistency a star is born at anytime but that star also opens up the door for many that are similar to him or share the same sentiment. Look at it like this the only reason Da L.E.S resonated with AKA is because AKA looked up to Da L.E.S and they kinda share the same sentiment as youths plus Da L.E.S allowed AKA to be a part of his success during his prime, the only reason Cassper became AKA's rival is because of the benchmark AKA had set that resonated to Cassper and allowed him to believe he can also be at that point.

When Cassper blew that same sentiment resonated with Riky and Cassper welcomed him into his world of success which allowed him to co-exist. This is typically how generations of leaders are created through co-signing and opposition but most importantly its a sentiment that resonated for that generation.

2013,2014,and 2015 was under the umbrella of the Cassper Nyovest and the AKA sentiment if you were to share in the success you had to be under this umbrella as either a co-sign or an acknowledged rival, the only exceptions of course would be KO or Cashtime, Reason,L-Tido and Kwesta but it was only a matter of time till even those worlds of isolation collided i.e. AKA featuring KO Run Jozi,Kwesta with Cassper and AKA, Reason on Yipikaye.

This is merely a picture of the 2013,2014,2015 generations hip hop game and every generation has had the same pattern. So the question is who got next?

Its already obvious who are the possible leaders of the new new school with Emtee and Nasty being at the forefront and a special mention to Fifi for the ladies. So who are the not so obvious artists or will be under the umbrella of the new youth sentiment thats been lead by Nasty C,Fifi Cooper and Emtee.

So we made a list of the possible leaders of the new generation that will possibly be under the Nasty C and Emtee umbrella.
There's also a new dynamic in this generation which is the female rapper which Fifi has lead with the most achievements so anything that happens in that world would be under her umbrella.
We obviously arent prophets so we can only work with names that we already know.

Qouting the lines of A-Reece
"I dont like rappers who say they've got next when they've been in the game for ten years or so"

Therefore this list takes that in consideration:

1.Priddy Ugly
5.Shane Eagle
7.Big Star
9.Gigi Lamayne
10.Aewon Wolf

We having a big debate in the office whether we should include certain names or not. Who do you think we missed out.

Side note: Artists like Kid X, Smashis,Okmalumkoolkat,Stilo are still part of the 2013,2014,2015 generation. The already have a following thats will either grow or dwindle based on their consistency they the type of guys who can have the right song and blow up. The perfect example was Kwesta who had a following that was either growing or dwindling based on the tracks he dropped but when he dropped Ngudu people were ready for him.