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When The Heirs Of Music Royalty Clash-Bass,Bongani,AJ Generational Beef

Now wouldn't this be a great scene for Generations? Its one of those things that you see on the soap and think that its a bunch of hogwash. I mean how many black families pass on businesses to their kids and there's a family rival that continues to the next generation? Yup you guessed it none. In the real world though music has been a big business for artists post apartheid which is 21 years ago. At that time you had young music entrepreneurs like Oscar,Arthur,Mdu, Chicco Twala and many more running the black urban market. Sort of like what the rappers are doing now but the difference is that the Kwaito cats made a whole lot more money than any of the biggest artists today.
As young artists and entrepreneurs they also had their competitive beefs with each other that divided their fans in the hood. Arthur who was and still is a one man gang was always accused of allegedly stealing other peoples sounds or ripping off other artists by the Kalawa camp, Brenda Fassie had her beef with Senyaka and an on and off relationship with Chicco, TKZee had beef with Mdu, Zola was competitive with Mandoza.
It was interesting times but some of these young entrepeneurs grew up and finally made peace but while that was happening their kids were growing up.
Who would of known that the beefs their parents had would be rekindled or inherited by their offsprings. I mean none of the kids are anywhere near their parents stature yet but it is interesting to see how life has repeated itself. I mean poor Arthur's kid AJ doesnt even rap so like his father back then his in a corner alone. Through his fathers network and his own Bass has a entourage that will take a bullet from him like his father back in the day when he had the whole Kalawa stable when going against Arthur's 999 label.
We all know Bongani just like his mother has mad talent and if he used it wisely he can really prosper. Infact like his mother a lot of people respect and look forward to his musical output but also like his mother the last time Bongani really spoke he was unhappy with his contractual situation, it kinda played out like a Brenda and Chicco situation.

So as Bass drops this song I ask myself is history repeating itself?
Is this whats called generational beef?
Will AKA and Cassper Nyovest make peace and if their kids pursue music will they also inherit their folks beef?
Whats beautiful about life is that Oscar,Arthur and even the late Brenda Fassie haven't orchestrated anything thats happening with their offsprings its just the way things are happening.

What are your thoughts on this Music Royalty Clash?

Download the track here if you haven't heard it.