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When It's A Good Day For @akaworldwide To Tweet

Personally, I used enjoy AKA going off on twitter regularly back then. Then things changed and he went silent on us. Well, more like went down about with the tweets.

Now when homeboy tweets, it's so appreciated by those of us that like seeing the Timeline shake. I thoroughly enjoy him when, once in a while, AKA takes to the twitter streets to a go at it on the Timeline just to keep his followers on their toes, and even if you don't follow him, trust me, he's bound to appear on your Timeline.

Yesterday seemed like the perfect day for AKA to keep Twitter on edge. He went from tweeting about the iFani incidents to being the most thick skinned human.

& the day before his BMX X6 was tweeting for him. Yup...

For those of you that missed it, we just thought we'd share his tweets for you to enjoy 😉.

Peep 'em o'er here 👇🏾

Gotta love the Supa Ⓜ️ega.