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#whatalife By @JRafrika Goes On Tour In Europe This October

I saw this announcement and I fainted a bit. It's almost as if when one door seems to close, another flings open. JR just lost his nkgono (may her soul Rest In Love) but at the same time he has such amazing news to share with us. He will be performing in 11 European countries this October. I cannot express my excitement no more than do I want to shed my tears. It's been a long time coming and JR has finally found his voice in this music thing. I mean have you heard though? Don't sleep on your healing bro-bro. Get you this album!

Not only is he gonna be performing oorkant, his album will also be available on digital platforms and in physical copies in Europe, Asia and America as off the 30th of August. HAWEMAH!

People have been bullying him online about getting the album on other platforms that are accessible to South Africans (and also in physical copy) but you need to understand that if everything artists wanted to do was all up to them, we wouldn't need to be asking them such things and so we wait for the systems that decide on the green light to come around. In the meantime, let's jam along to Sjeje's live session of some tracks off the album for those of you who are still in doubt, SMH!