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What Social Media And We Want To Hear From @AKAWorldWide's New Single #OneTime

AKA has had a lot of commercial success with all his radio singles hence his called the radio king. This Friday he'll be dropping a new single called One Time which will premier on Live Amp. Given his track record AKA doesnt need any input on what type of song he needs to release but here's what we'd like to hear.

International Crossover

AKA has had a lot of international engagements but hopefully he can drop a single that not only touches all of Africa but that also sees him hitting the Euro scene. He has all the tools required to make it in that market and now its all about that one song that opens that door.


AKA is one of the few rappers that can spit hot bars on a solid club track. He has always lead a mainstream wave and never conformed to be a part of it. Hopefully this single maintains the standard we want to dance to the music and also throw oohs and aahs over the lyrical content.

New Sound

When AKA dropped Levels his approach was to sample house or international music. I think the biggest song on Levels was All Eyes On Me and when I heard The Baddest first thing I thought was damn this sounds like the All Eyes On Me formula minus JR plus Burnaboy. Essentially I hope the new single is nothing like Baddest or All Eyes On Me Im looking forward to a new sound which is something AKA has always been able to create.


If the joint is not commercial it would be great to hear AKA talk about the occurrences in his life over the past 12 months. He's obviously not sharing much with the media as we saw the one interview where he walked out when they asked him about his personal life. It would be great to hear him spit some truth i.e when super mega is not super or mega who is he?

Beat Selection

With all the content he has been posting on social media with producers, artists and even playing us samples the last thing that should be wrong is the production. After all Tweezy needs to get his invite to the Metros next year and if he is involved in the production of this single MetroFM must feel bad for not sending him that VIP invite. Infact the production must be so dope the message must resonate to the SAMA production team that #ProducersMustRise.

Well we have until Friday to hear One Time I just hope its not a KO remix.....ok im being stupid now. What do you want to hear from AKA's new single?

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