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What We Learn About @Maezeedoesit From His Lines On Township Counsellor


His wifi password is Haai Kabi so when you around him and you need to get online you know what to do.
Lie To Me ft AKA

Ma-E Wishes Ntukza Could Share In Their Success

Ntukza wish you were here when we taking this title/ guess family and business don't mix/

Its clear that Ma-E is still conscious of his brothers absence as the crew grows yet at the same time he acknowledges how family and business sometimes doesn't work.

Blame Nobody

Anyone knew Pro Kid had a child?

Im doing this for my daughter my North Star.
Pro has been silent and drops a single once in a while. Since the media follows trend we'd only hear it from him that he has a baby. Well congratulations to Pro.

On My Way

Ma-E's Main People

We now know the three main people in MA-E's life are his one son, daughter and mama. So all purchases are going to a good cause.

Ma-E - Ok'salayo (Feat. Emtee)

Snapchat Twerks And Blunts

His girl sends him a snapchat message twerking and Ma E starts his day with a blunt. Snap Crackle Pop that Kellogs Ma-E getting it all every morning.

Ma E- Ringa

KO Is Cashtime's Instigator:

uKO wathi thata iyinduka zakho siye/
Lentwana maziyisusa nathi asilwe/

We all know that the two main heads at Cashtime are KO and Ma-E but its clear from the line below that KO is the instigator. I mean to be in the industry for as long as they have been needs a lot of resilience so I guess an attitude like this is always handy.


Listen to the whole album over here