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What Is The Hype Around Artwork!?

In today's musical landscape we have evolved in leaps and bounds; gone are the days of lengthy antiquated video/single release dates, where we are literally waiting months on end for visuals or music to drop. We’re gradually becoming accustomed to auditory and visual feasting, full on visual albums with artwork. To this end I need to ask why have so many South African musicians failed to treat their audiences to such experiences?

Why do we feed into hype around setting a release date for artwork (not an Album date, or track-list or even the birth of your kid but artwork fam?!)

Just by teasing 15 seconds of the audio would give the artwork more weight, thereby enticing audiences to keep their eyes peeled once your project drops, am all down for the "Hype" but don't limit your creative license.

Push the envelope; create audiovisual experiences for your audiences to marvel at. The delivery of your product is just as important as the product itself & goes far in separating the crème from the crop.

When releasing artwork of said single, live stream that ish. There's SlikourOnLife, Periscope, Facebook Live & other platforms that you can take full advantage of to get the general population excited about your projects. Put out trailers that include studio sessions, create illustrations depicting the meaning of your body of work.

In short, don't be afraid to take the hype to the next level...

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If any artist decides to use any of the ideas, the invoice is ready. Just kidding...