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What Do You Think Of @XXL Freshman Class 2017?

Part and parcel of the game is this constant need to rank (and list) artists 'cause how else are we to establish who's running sh! for real right?

XXL's popular Freshman Class has a new edition for 2017 and I won't even lie, I'm not big on many of the names on here but I was mad excited to see PnB Rock on there. Playboi Carti's having a strong year and I suspect his star is about to get even bigger so I check that. XXNTENTACION is quite vocal man and that's one thing I admire about him, but I'm not gonna sit here and act like I'm his die hard fan either. I peep Kamaiyah and hella rate her for showing the boys how it's done. She's repping for all of us in that class with her cool gangster. Who do you think is left off this count? Who do you rate in this class? Hit us up in the comments.

Peep the full list trailer below: