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What Could @MrCashtime Be Cooking?

"Real G's move in silence like lasagne."

This is often the case with K.O who is not much of a talker but a doer. The skhanda king is onto the next one and he's not letting us onto anything about what it might be. He's hot off the release of his Fall Back joint, which saw him address issues of his Cashtime Life artist affairs. Before that we had the fiery Korruption with a mad funny music video of him taking over a white suburb much to the discomfort of his neighbours who soon joined the party eventually. Now, he's teasing us with a mere picture that has logos of multiple music platforms including Deezer, Tidal and Spotify. Interesting thing is, uMalumkoolkat has a similar picture of a cartoon character of himself, a la same music platforms at the bottom. Hmm! A song? An international music distribution partnership? An album already? We'll wait!

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Okmalumkoolkat has one too: