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Watch: @UbunifuSpace UK Guys Reacting To @Nasty_CSA - NDA

Welcome to our world Ubunifu Space. Yo'll are becoming a hit down here and some time the Space should actually make arrangements to do an exchange and swop you guys into SA and vice versa. I'll fax yo'll!

But our fave exchange views are back with another reaction to some of our stand out acts and they are watching Nasty C's NDA this time. Now, Nasty's one of our star newcomers and he does well with international exchange (connection) as well. If yo'll come across this piece, I think we'd like to see your reaction to Tito Mboweni, Khuli Chana's One Source and just to satisfy your need for "Souf African flavour" you should watch Last Days Fam's Indigenous Soundtrack.

Anyway, peep the reaction below and engage with the squad: