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Watch: @trvisXX Break World Record Performing Goosebumps 14 Times

South Africa how you feel? I just read comments about La Flame's shows and it seems that one should actually pitch up barefoot, with no phone nor wallet to lose and maybe have a first aid kit as opposed to a snatchel hung around you.

Travis Scott just broke the Guinness World Record for performing one song the most times in a row (he did it 14 times) at his Oklahoma City leg of the Birds Eye View tour. The previous record was held by Jay Z and Kanye West who performed N!as In Paris 12 times 5 years ago in, well, Paris. I just like how the crowd is sooo cooperative for all 14 plays. I don't know how I feel about this. I mean, watching the clip is so lit but would I maintain my high past the third play? What I'm most importantly asking myself is if the Mzantsi crowd would've played along like this here.

Have a look: