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Watch: @TumiMolekane Verse Of The Month - March 2017 #VOTM

It's finally here and once you watch it I think you'll understand why it took so long. The god emcee Stogie T takes us through his list of only 6 verses that stood out for him this month. Yhuu! Of that 6 verses, there are only 4 songs and one rapper is mentioned twice on separate accounts. Kushubile!

A lot of you must attend this gathering for the #2 verse. If you've never trusted a word I've ever written, take heed of this call. Who do you think is the King of Rap this month? (That was your clue right there)

Have a look:

Shoutout to the late Zweli Badela for all the lives he's touched while still on earth with us. May his soul rest in peace.