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Watch Skepta: Top Boy (The Documentary) By @Noisey

"America is somewhere where I always saw on the television. I thought everything was a movie x i thought it was the promise land" - Skepa

After watching this interview I'm buying myself a white tracksuit

I been saying this for a minute now but Skepta is really shifting culture. I say this cause he has managed to export British "Grime" culture to places like the u.s where they have their own hip hop culture and set in their ways.

"If there is anytime i wanted this opportunity is now" - Skepta

Anyway Noisey just dropped this 30 minute video (Yeah its that long) where they followed Skepta in America. In the video you get an insider perspective from Skepta on grime culture and how he plans on tearing it up with his music.

Watch the video after the jump if you into culture defining x culture shifting x culture exporting x culture mashing stuff.