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Watch: @reece_youngking Takes Us Back With Ode To @PJayB3nchMarQ

If you missed it, A-Reece spent his afternoon yesterday sampling some of his older music from 2013 and 2014 on the gram. Probably reflecting on his journey and preparing himself, and his Slimes, for the drop of Paradise this Friday. In one of the joints which he self-produced, he rhymes "give me two years and a goodluck", and well... It's 2016 now, do the math. One that caught my attention, however, particularly 'cause it's a bit longer than some of the clips he posted in reminiscence, is what I call an ode to his big bro, P Jay. If you were not aware, A-Reece and P Jay (one half of B3nchMarQ) are brothers and their bond can't possibly be put into words, but the young king does a good job at painting the picture for us in this crate digging experience when he performs lyrics from Bruva. A-Reece said that PJay encouraged him to write more when he first heard his lyrics back in primary school. Now that's good looking out. It's evident the boy has been spitting his heart out way before the rest of the country woke up to his genius.

yo @pjayb3nchmarq !!!!

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