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Watch: @reece_youngking Goes Back To His Alma Mater

"I was writing raps up in class, they were raising hands, always had the answers/ Papa thought I wouldn't pass/ hit that nigga with a bachelors/ I could've gotten more distinctions but I was to busy writing all these smash hits/ Ever since I was a little boy/ I told myself that I'm the man/ my teachers told me I need a real job and that I shouldn't be a rapper"

A verse from my favorite song on Paradise titled Kena. I love that joint because of the authenticity in the lyrics and the delivery. Reece paints a story almost every emcee can relate to. The age-old "stop wasting your time with that music thing and focus on your grades" line that is so notorious among teachers.

You can see from the videos below how much he's had this moment play out in his head. Finally going back to show the doubters that he knew what he was doing all along. A very special moment for the boy doing things.

Please peep the first video and confirm that I'm not the only one seeing tears towards the end. Be sure to fill me in on the comments section.

went to my previous high school earlier today . ❤️

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A rare behind the scenes look at the seconds leading up to that iconic come-out-all-guns-blazing act:


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