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Watch: @RealRemyMa Responds To @NICKIMINAJ Accusing Papoose Of Writing #ShEther

Seems like there's always gonna be something coming up regarding the Remy and Nicki beef. Fans are already tired of this feud and feel that Nicki should just stay mute until the hype dies down. Why? Because she lost the beef, that's why.

So in case you've been asleep, let me update you. Nicki threw shots at Remy on 2 Chainz' Realize where she accuses Papoose of writing ShEther. At around the same time, Remy dropped her version of Future's Mask Off and threw more shots. After hearing the ghostwriter accusations, Remy went to diss and explain that even though her man's dope, he has never written any verses for her. Put some respek on Remy's name.

Peep this: