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WATCH: @Psykobeats On @DJVigilanteSA x @CassperNyovest - "Ayeye" Beat

We all know by now that many DJ tracks are a collaboration between the DJ and producers. On this massive collabo after Cassper and Vigi were not seeing eye-to-eye for a minute, Psykobeats had the key to the anthem. He says he's been sitting on the beat for a while before anything came of it. He explains to us exactly what happened and most importantly, what he put into it before it went through the hands of AirDee, Gemini Major, Alie Keyz and Mr CEO himself. There's definitely no mistaking that heavy kwaito presence on it that represent both the dust and pantsula flavours of this collabo. Well done to Psyko on this. We're glad it didn't get to anywhere else but where it should be. Ayeye!

Watch the explanation over here.