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Watch: @Nasty_CSA - Bad Hair Video Tease

"All that True Religion and you never seen a church house..."

Ishu! Golden boy Nasty C posted another of his gram movies and this time he was performing a favourite off Bad Hair, Good Girls| S.C.H. What I'm wondering is, is this the making of a music video or is it just "for the gram" like he always does? Either way, it's fresh and entertaining to follow. Ps. Bad Hair is currently the number 1 album on iTunes (and Audiomack by the by) EVEN NOW! That's star power for you. Will this be the next single off the album? With the votes for it, it has to be! Make it happen fam...


A video posted by BAD HAIR (@nasty_csa) on

Ps. We're still the #1 album on iTunes! Aich!