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Watch: @Nas Talks Investing x Why He Has Not Made An Album With @JimmyKimmel

Nas is arguably the greatest lyricist in the rap game in my opinion, yet he has not dropped a full length project for a while now. We have all been waiting for Esco to go ape on a full length project. What we do know though is that his album is done, according to a Rap Radar interview where his manager confirmed this, and they're waiting for the perfect time to drop it. But when Nas is not making us wait he is also wearing his investor hat on and has invested in some dope made publications like Rap Genius.

Peep the interviews after the jump where Nas chops it up with Jimmy Kimmel regarding new music, investing and the first song he ever wrote.

Nas on investing

Why he has not dropped an album

Nas on the first song she ever wrote