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Watch: @Marazamc Experiences Racism At @PicknPay Killarney

Part 1

Part 2

This is a heavy thing to watch unfold 'cause it's the daily experience of many a South African and with the popularity of social media the highlighting of racial tensions in South Africa has become a common story told.

Case and point, someone who is very vocal about racial inequality in the country, Maraza, was treated atrociously because (and I'll loosely quote him) a black man cannot buy R 8000 worth of groceries which he shares with his family without being assumed to be a fraudulent thief. I have so many questions myself about how it makes sense to have to "verify" a debit card purchase after all the products have been paid for. He went through the till, paid for the goods and somehow there's fault in that.

What is Pick N Pay doing about such treatment of patriots? Who is responsible for this kind of harassment? We need answers...

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