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Watch: @JRafrika #FeelGoodLiveSessions ft @reece_younging x @LaFlameSA

I was mad excited when I saw that baby boy was on the next Feel Good Live Sessions with JR. A-Reece tags along with Flame to deliver a laid back session on the balcony mixing up some of his latest tunes with a classic taken of his debut album.

Opening with a well executed Feelings, he and Flame dive into Meanwhile In Honeydew with a mad pick up. This band? Ooohweee! You should've also seen my smile when Flame went into the Money Today hook. That song is my actual ringtone guys, no lie. Reece moves into a favourite, Mngani, written for a lost love that he got back to. Beautiful. They close off with Paradise where A-Reece has switched up a verse. I love that. An artist's nature is to adapt or die. They also strip down the music for some personal sharing which has me listening closer to their hearts bleeding. Then they go into freestyles, so fun! Magic!

Have a look: