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Watch: Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt Documentary

Personally, I'm not a big Jay Z fan, but I can never overlook the dude's statue, business savvy and contribution to the culture. Ever! So i'm definitely chuffed about the fact that some creatives or producers at Fox 5 News decided to pay tribute to one of the greatest releases of the culture 20 years ago. This is the start of what we see Jay Z as today. The short film just goes through the making of Reasonable Doubt, the makings of Roc-A-Fella the label and most importantly it tells the story of what happened behind the scenes. It has commentary from Biggs, Clark Kent, DJ Premier, Emory Jones, and Dame Dash. This is a dope reflection. I wonder if Jigga and his squad knew just how impactful this album would be so many years later. The game is different now and many people doing it today cite Jay Z as one if their biggest inspiration.

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