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Watch: @ItsYangaChief x @sliqe x @JRafrika On Set For #Bay2

The Sterring took to the gram to share some of the overdose with us. With DJ Sliqe's new single Bay' 2 playing in the background and some beautiful ladies on boat, some heavy duty lights, as well as JR performing the hook, we have reason to believe that these are the makings of the visual ahead of the album drop this Friday. We like the work ethic. Sliqe is set to session the album this Thursday to his industry peers before he unleashes the madness. To top that off, his album is currently number 1 on the iTunes pre-order chart. Watchu know about guaranteed fire, so much so that people bet on it even before they've heard it? Now that's support! Let the road to Injayam Vol. 1 be clad with nothing but fun and bangers to accompany the ride.

Bangaphi? @jordyn_reece

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Proof that #InjayamVol1 is a hit already: