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Watch: Can I Be Me? Whitney Houston Documentary Trailer

"Her favourite saying was, 'Can I Be Me'?"

This just reminded me of a throwback interview I saw with her and Diane Sawyer from back in 2002 where Diane was trying to put her into some corner and her wit and, more than anything, her grace just shoved the force right back to her. Timeless!

Anyway, there is a boom right now in documentaries and biopics of great artists. Tupac's All Eyez On Me is finally out tomorrow, Diddy's Can't Stop Won't Stop documentary/movie is also set for July 25th, and Can I Be Me? by Showtime is due on the 26th of August. The documentary follows the life of Whitney in the limelight, her struggles with Bobby Brown and the pressure of being who she wanted to be when her label(s) were trying to alter her true sound. Man, I would definitely love to watch this 'cause it's not a remake but is in fact a tale being narrated about what really was. I can't wait.