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Watch: @superboom & @LTHUTTON Discuss Original #AllEyezOnMe Version On @breakfastclubam

The highly anticipated movie of the late Tupac Shakur is finally dropping on June 16th (which is his birthday) and hip hop fans are looking forward to seeing the film portraying the life of the rapper. The piece is produced by the legendary L.T Hutton.

To think there wouldn't be any controversy, especially because Pac passed and we should respect the deceased, but nope. Director Jhon Singleton was invited to direct All Eyez On Me a couple of years back but later dropped the movie due to some misunderstandings. Singleton was replaced by Benny Boom but after hearing news of the former trash talking the movie, both Benny and Hutton went on the Breakfast Club to tell their side of the story.

I don't wanna spoil anything so you guys should just go ahead and watch. Just know that in the original script written by Jhon Singleton, the movie was more of a porno than anything else. On a lighter note, Benny and Hutton went on to discuss some future projects they're working on.

Peep this: