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Video: Watch T.I. Talk His Eventual Legacy x Crowd Energy

During the infant years of hip-hop, the rapper, formerly know as the M.C., was second to the DJ, with the sole purpose of keeping the crowd entertained. Whether it was by calling out popular dances, requesting crowd participation, or hyping his/her counterpart behind the wheels, the rapper's job has always been key in maintaining a high level of energy.

Fast-forward 40 years, and the self-proclaimed King of the South, rapper T.I., is very much aware his craft's roots and what is expected of him on stage. Just as his Grand Hustle artist Travis Scott mentioned a few weeks prior, the Atlanta-based entertainer will sit in the studio envisioning how his songs will be digested by the patrons of his shows. But the preparation doesn't stop there. Like a professional athlete minutes before game-time, T.I. makes sure he begins each show with a "clean slate," meaning he has put all of his daily stresses aside for the time being and is focused on delivering a one-of-a-kind performance for his fans.

Just before his showing at the world famous Drai's Nightclub, T.I. sat down with us to discuss what it's like to be at his show, how he prepares for each concert, his eventual legacy, and the unique appeal of Drai's, a venue that falls in between the club and the arena.