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Video: @DropXVI Africa: @TitusTrack Entertainment

Drop 16 have a new viral video of rappers doing what rappers do best…rapping. We need more that less social media movies and dont forget to put 24 hours in a bank account and save the day.

*TitusTrack Entertainment is an Indie label run by 3 like minded individuals, Uni-VERSE, Paragon and Chron Burgundy.

TTE is very much an in-house working environment of dudes who do everything themselves, seldom seeking outside assistance, which has ironically created a stronger outside influence of artists aligning themselves with the artists under the TTE banner.

TitusTrack have released some material from their latest offering, Sounds Intense as well as individual projects from Chron and Paragon. All of the works have reached national radio airplay. Uni-VERSE is scheduled to release his debut project in July 2015. For links to previous releases, check the TitusTrack Entertainment Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @chronburgundy @theonlyparagon @UniVerseMuzik @TitusTrack.*