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Video Alert: Watch @FrenchMontana "Wave Gods Intro" (Video)

We wasn't really doin' that shit for money dog, we was in there. Niggas in there talkin' about our lives, niggas is baldin' and niggas was like blood, we was doin' our shit, that shit was fun, we was doin' that shit cause we believed in this shit. So nigga don't really believe in this shit anymore, it's like everything's wannabe if you come out with some shit too, too heavy on these niggas... it's gonna fly over these nigga's heads. You know I'm sayin'? So I be like damn, like I don't know, like you know what I'm sayin'? I be tryna do it on these niggas, what you really wanna do? Like you might need some old conscious shit man, I'm tellin' you - MAX b

Im not sure what it will take French Montana to get to the level that he truly deserves to be at. Im talking about the commercial breakout single cause dude is made talented and he always just seems it a1 in everything he does. I dig French also because he is always showing love to Max B who is still a a part of his life even though he locked up in the pen. Now thats love right there.

Yesterday French Dropped the intro video for his Wave God mixtape which is so so dope. Peep the video after the jump and peep French go abu dabbi on your screen