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Video: @Akaworldwide Gives His South African Flag To A Fan x Crowd Asks For #Composure

I could have had fun with this post like wrote "AKA retires the South African flag" but that's irresponsible journalism and link baiting at its best. If you see this title outside of this post you must remember these words.

AKA closed off his final show at Sun City this past weekend by giving his SA flag that he has been performing with throughout 2015 to a fan.

Read below why AKA decided to do this. He says "I thought it fitting that I should give away the flag that has been at the forefront of our performances in 2015 🇿🇦 to a young fan today. I wish I give give all my fans something to show my appreciation but this gesture will have to do❤️ Now I'm bout to kick back in the Palace like a King! 👑 ... I am OFFICIALLY ON HOLIDAY"

Watch the video after the jump where he gives away the flag.

Video source: AKA Instagram account

After giving away his flag fans were chanting "Composure Composure".. See the video after the jump.