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Why CashTime Is Running The #CashTimeNakedTruth Twitterview This Week?

The first #CashTimeNaked truth is happening today where we will be chopping it up with Maggz on everything and allowing the fans to also address him.

Why is this being done?

From the Cashtime HQ:

There is a growing perception that Cashtime Life shows favoritism towards certain artists and places more effort into the endeavours and efforts of some and not so much for others. Even Cashtime Life’s most loyal fans are also starting to feel this way. As Cashtime Life we would like to open the discussion further and address the rumors directly, to do this we have decided that Cashtime Life will open itself to public scrutiny by conducting a week long series of Twitterviews (QnA) with our artists. No PR spin, just artists answering the questions asked in their own words.

We chatting to @Maggz100 Between 1pm x 3pm today on twitter and if you want to be part of the conversation please use the #CashtimeNakedTruth hashtag.