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What Artist's Have Done To Get Their Fans To Vote For Them during Awards Season

Yo. Let's address this.

With this being the last week for people to vote for their favourite artists we realised that they are doing a whole lot to "encourage" their fans to vote for them. What's surprising is that it's the big artist that are into it.Usin it's cause they got the resources and all from giveaways,shooting videos and printing flyers.

Is it worth it for the artists to pull out all the stops for a coupla votes ? Do they get the push that they're looking for ?

For instance,

Last year for the SAHHAs, L Tido campaigned himself by giving out a whole "date" to a fan that voted and pushed for him the most.

This Year:

Ambitious Entertainment:
For Emtee & Fifi Cooper, Ambitious gave away free T-Shirts and a free Ambitious Ent Mixtape to fans who voted 15 or times for them.They setup a whole pop upstore during the WITS O Week and were interacting with their fans and taking Instagram snaps with them.

Cassper Nyovest:
Dropped a video requesting his followers to vote for him. Which was like one of those Verimark or Clientele Life ads that play in the afternoon. obviously the difference with his is the swag and the humour added by Carpore.

Major League:
The twins have been popular for their Major League Gardens event and the boys have been on the grind promoting their next event in March.Last week they were at there O-Week selling their merchandise and simulataneously promoting the next Major League Gardens with flyers.I know you asking when Im going to get to the awards part so here goes. The back of each flyer had an advert requesting people to vote for them. These flyers are being spread out at every event they going to.