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5 Things You Need To Hear From @Somizi From Our OnlifeTv Interview

We bumped into Somizi at Pop Bottles and he was kind enough to leave the VIP tent and speak to us. We talked about everything from his reality show,drugs, being gay and having such a career that spans over more than 30 years.

Is He Really Gay Or Is It A Publicity Stunt?

Somizi has a beautiful daughter in these streets and its important for me to clarify where he stands after all you leave you girl with some of these gay dudes and the guy goes straight for a night. Lookout for his answer though.


His been in this industry for over 30 years and there is only person who is still prominent in the industry that he recalled.

Reality Show.

In a weeks he'll have a new reality show.


His mantra to success is always stay hungry you'll never go hungry.


He talks about his how he posts on Instagram does he read your comments or not? Make sure you check the interview tomorrow

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