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#UnderdogDay: @TsoNyanaWakhona ft Genesis x A-Tsolo x VeeDee - Nna Mosotho

I was just thinking the other day how lovely the Southern Sotho language is. Dr Boondigga who is a producer and a rapper, going by the T.S.O moniker when he raps, did this one for Heritage Day actually. He ropes in the assistance of Genesis, A-Tsolo and VeeDee to celebrate their culture. The classic Sotho accordion is instrumental to the song along with the rhymes which are delivered proudly in Sesotho. I'm fighting the urge to ululate while listening to this...

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@TsoNyanaWakhona ft Genesis x A-Tsolo x VeeDee - Nna Mosotho
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@Cyber_G_Music - Rap Spikitjo
@Hillzy911 - Feelings Must Fall
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