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#UnderdogDay: @stuupermvn ft @ChargeThaProd - Rollin' Stone

Stuu comes through on this intense production by Don Nylo having mad fun with Charge. They spazz out on Rollin' Stone which has got his timeline buzzing with props. I will admit, this is dope work. The party starter sees the fellas being frank about how they feel about ladies and the kind of groove they're into. Just press play...

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@Mikkie_EC - Bagrumbele
@stuupermvn ft @ChargeTheProd - Rollin' Stone
@ApolloRSA ft @BridgettPhatudi - Everything Must Fall
@DeejBigRome ft @WiziBeatz x @JPacNuno - I Am On The Road
@DrasticFam - Like Ye
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