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#UnderdogDay: @Mikkie_EC - Bagrumbele

This Xhosa rapper is repping real good for what some of us call "Spaza Rap". Mikkie has been doing some good strides since moving up to Soweto to pursue his music career further. On Bagrumbele, he simply lays down the rules of engagement when it comes to him and how he operates in this music thing. Don't mess with an ambitious man, fam! Loving what Smekzo did on the beat, it compliments Mikkie's rolling flow quite well.

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@Mikkie_EC - Bagrumbele
@stuupermvn ft @ChargeTheProd - Rollin' Stone
@ApolloRSA ft @BridgettPhatudi - Everything Must Fall
@DeejBigRome ft @WiziBeatz x @JPacNuno - I Am On The Road
@DrasticFam - Like Ye
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