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#UnderDogDay - Immortal DJ Feat @Shaundihoro x @CastinoTheHero x @ThwennyTwenny x @CAASK_ASID "Zombo"

Bogosing Botsime aka Immortal Dj is a Hip Hop Dj based in Bloemfontein and 'Zombo' is his first release. Let me be honest the track is very left but that does not mean its not right. If you looking for a new sound you best peep this.

Do you think they got what it takes to make it to miss cosmos show? Vote for by clicking on the share option via Facebook. Winner will be announced this Saturday at 6pm

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@StEvI3CPT From H.B.W.A 'Holdin Me Down"
@Ezra_mogotsi "Follow My Lead"
@MPK4REAL "Tryina Get It"
Immortal DJ Feat @Shaundihoro x @CastinoTheHero x @ThwennyTwenny x @CAASK_ASID "Zombo"
@Mleistar_ "Eziweyi"
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