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#UnderdogDay: @HonestDiebolic - Chasin' Paper

Aich! Give this man a watch tattoo bathong! Honest began his music career just last year and here he already is on our underdog feature. Homie's got his eye on the prize. He comes through on Chasin' Paper with a very focused flow, kinda giving you the idea that he's rapping with his eyes set on his goal and ain't flinching for nobody! He's currently working on two mixtapes, one with Zikku Motswakonalysis titled Sewage Hill Drive and the other for himself titled Passion Vs Pride which are both set to drop next year. It's gonna be an interesting festive for the boy!

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@HonestDiebolic - Chasin' Paper
@pya_sa - Local
@MarcusMartam ft Nina Chanel - In The Morning
@LorretaMusic - Mood
@kaygeekidd ft V.A - I Don't Even Know
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