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Ambitiouz Records Releases Statement On Benchmarq ‘Bonang’ Song.

It is with importance for Ambitiouz Entertainment to release a statement in relation to the controversy around the ownership and release of the song “Bonang” performed by B3nchMarQ and released by Ambitiouz Entertainment on the 29th October 2015.
Within twitter and social media platforms, a number of uninformed and damaging postings went viral on the evening of 29th October 2015, claiming amongst other things that producer Tweezy stole the song from another producer named Psyko Beats and later sold the song to B3nchMarQ thus insinuating that Ambitiouz Entertainment was involved in underhand and unethical dealings. This is not only untrue but damaging to the Ambitiouz Brand hence the need to set the record straight.
The Song “Bonang” was bought by Ambitiouz Entertainment and all original producers (Tweezy & Psyko beats) where both credited and paid in full. The featured vocals on the Chorus “Hook” is of Neo Nkwe who re-recorded his vocal after a legal transaction took place. The SA copyright law clearly state that the composer is a rightful owner of his/her instrumentation work until such rights have been legally transferred to another party which in this case the right where transferred to Ambitiouz Entertainment and all legal owners gave consent.
All producers of the song have publicly explained this and fully supported this version of “Bonang”. As a responsible company we would have never released a song that was infringing on the rights of any individual, artist or entity.
The South African constitution provides anyone with an unsolved legal grievance to approach the courts for legal remedy, and we urge anyone with a grievance pertaining the song “Bonang” to use this avenue instead of engaging in cheap publicity stunts.