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@TumiMolekane Clears Up "What Happened To @Rikyrickworld" Line On #WayItGo x Says Theres No Beef

Now let me make something clear, I don't have a problem with Riky Rick as a rapper or a person. This is not a diss. I have actually spoken to dude about this and as far as I know, we good.

Tumi took to insta to clear up the Riky Rick line on WayIt Go that peeps thought was a shot. He also talked about the the 'Le Pitse' track from Cassper Nyovest's #Refiloe album and says ....

"I am writing this to clear it up for my fans and bystanders who caught wind of the song "LeMpitse" and are speculating on beef. Also I am not going to go back and forth on songs with him over this so here are some facts"
"What happened to Riky x What happened to Riky is the same thing that happened to 50 x what happened to you I paid your money i thought it was through.....We dropped more albums than your album you niggas is lazy "- Ricky Rick verse on Le Mpitse

Peep his response below after the jump though