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Trio @DreamTeamDBN Is In Wales For King Cetshwayo Celebration

Your favourite rap group DreamTeam has been invited by The Friends of Royal Welsh Regimental Museum in Brecon, Wales to be the groundbreaking act this August 2017 in a series of events planned to mark and celebrate 135 years of King Cetshwayo since his stay in the UK.

The Friends of Royal Welsh Museum in conjunction with Kwa-Culture supported by His Majesty King Zwelithini kaBhekhuzulu will be hosting the 135th Commemoration of King Cetshwayo’s stay in London. The celebrations will see our boys rep all South African Youth with special performances of new and recognised hit songs to celebrate great Zulu Legacy. The celebrations will be the first of what will be an annual ongoing cultural exchange experience between the two kingdoms. They are also a build up to the 140th commemoration of the Battle of Isandlwana in 2019.

DreamTeam is set to tour all of Wales with the Zulu Regiments and Royal Family Members to showcase a combination of South Africa’s Zulu culture infused with Hip Hop music.

This is what the team had to say about this:
“We are honoured to have been invited by His Majesty King Zwelithini to celebrate King Cetshwayo, an African Icon.”* says Saso.

“We [are] so excited to be the only South African musical act chosen to represent the youth of South Africa on an international level, we are confident that we will capture the U.K audience with our musical offerings” added Trey.

Dash went on to say, “It’s always been a dream for us to travel and share our music abroad, and now we finally are! We can’t wait to experience Wales and gain an even bigger international fanbase.”